FAQ - Custom Printed Cups

What is the minimum order for custom printed cups?

The minimum order is 5,000 cups.

What is the lead time for custom printed cups?

The lead time is 15 business days once the final artwork has been approved.

What sizes are the custom printed cups available in?

We offer the cups in 12oz, 16oz and 20oz sizes.

How do I place an order?

You can place your order for cups on our website at pbinow.com/cups. Start by selecting checkbox next to the size you would like to order, and follow the steps to download a template (if you would like to design your own cup) or upload your logo (if you would like us to design your cup), upload your artwork on the template, and place your order. If you have any questions, please contact us at cups@pacificbag.com or 800-562-2247.

What does “double wall” mean?

The cups have an inner wall of 320gm high quality box board, and the outer wall is 300gm high quality box board. Together, the double walls help insulate the hot liquid in the cup from your customer’s hands.

What is inner liner of the cup?

The cups are lined with 18gsm PE, which is a food safe plastic that makes the cups waterproof.

Do you have food safety documentation?

Yes, please contact us at cups@pacificbag.com and we are happy to provide this information.

Do you sell lids?

No, Pacific Bag does not sell lids. All three sizes (12oz, 16oz and 20oz) fit the industry standard lid size of 90mm, which are widely available on the market today. Suppliers include Amazon, Cash & Carry, West Coast Paper and Costco.

How does the artwork process work?

You have two options for artwork on your cups:

  1. Submit My Own Design


  1. Create Design For Me

Submit My Own Design

If you would like to design your artwork, download the template from our website for the size cup that you would like to order. Please review the Design Instructions sheet for instructions on how to place your artwork on the template. Once your artwork is complete, then upload the template with your artwork and proceed to Place Your Order.

Create Design For Me

If you would like us to design your artwork, upload your logo along with any special instructions, and our partners in the Cup Print design team will add graphic elements along with your logo and design a cup for your business. The fee for this service is $55.00 for 2 hours of design time. If you need additional time, your order will be subject to an additional $55.00.

What is the setup fee?

The setup fee is $150.00, and it includes all the pre-press charges involved in a production run of a particular sized cup.

How much does shipping cost?

The custom printed cup price includes the cost of shipping anywhere in the continental US. If you are shipping outside the continental US, please contact us at bags@tricorbraunflex.com or 800-562-2247.